About This Lesson

Hit the barre for our signature full body workout designed to give you chiseled abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a high, lifted butt. This ballet inspired, core-centric class focuses on isolated exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture as you work through targeted mindful muscle movements. Push yourself to the limit — and then find balance — as every hard worked muscled is followed by a deep, relaxing stretch. Suitable for all fitness levels.

The Instructor


As a former ballet dancer, and someone who swam competitively in college, Betsy Young felt that something was missing from her fitness routine. Having never really enjoyed traditional classes or weight rooms, she was searching for something more meaningful, something that respected the mind-body connection. Betsy was looking for a workout that was deep and […]

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Friday Instructor: Betsy 10:15AM - 11:15AM