About This Lesson

Reformer classes are conducted on the reformer in a group setting with up to six clients, starting and ending together in a flowing pattern of a variety of reformer exercises. 


Monday Instructor: Betsy 10:15AM - 11:10AM
Monday Instructor: Libby 4:00PM - 4:55PM
Monday Instructor: Kate 5:30PM - 6:25PM
Tuesday Instructor: Michelle 8:00AM - 8:55AM
10:15AM - 11:10AM
Tuesday Instructor: Betsy 5:30PM - 6:25PM
Wednesday Instructor: Shannon 9:00AM - 9:55AM
Thursday Instructor: Michelle 8:00AM - 8:55AM
Thursday Instructor: Kate 10:15AM - 11:10AM
Friday Instructor: Betsy 9:00AM - 9:55AM
Saturday 10:15AM - 11:10AM