About Betsy

As a former ballet dancer, and someone who swam competitively in college, Betsy Young felt that something was missing from her fitness routine. Having never really enjoyed traditional classes or weight rooms, she was searching for something more meaningful, something that respected the mind-body connection. Betsy was looking for a workout that was deep and layered enough to keep her interested over the long-term, preferably for the rest of her life, and Pilates filled that need.
Betsy took some time studying the practice of Pilates through books and other resources, and then she began taking classes. After about three years, she met Jaime Haines, who encouraged her to try Pilates Connection, and the rest is history! She considers Jaime and Michelle Dowell to be wonderful teachers and mentors, who showed her how important the relationships are between people who “do” Pilates: it is, at its best, a small-group or one-on-one practice. The intellectual and emotional satisfaction she has found by practicing Pilates has come to mean much more to Betsy than the physical benefits.
“There is still so much to learn and discover about the Pilates Method; I look forward to sharing everything I learn with other people who like to move well, use their bodies, and develop that mind-body connection.”
Congratulations to Betsy, who obtained her PMA certification in June of 2018!


Cardio Combo Challenge
Monday 9AM - 9:55AM
Thursday 5:30PM - 6:25PM
Barre Fusion
Friday 10:15AM - 11:15AM
Reformer Progressions
Monday 10:15AM - 11:10AM
Tuesday 5:30PM - 6:25PM
Friday 9:00AM - 9:55AM