About Kate

I started taking Pilates with Michelle Dowell at The Fitness Studio in 2013. Initially I was taking classes to correct body misalignments from rock climbing. I found it was also imperative to recovering from burn out after five years of working in crisis intervention at Crossroads in Charlottesville, Va.

I quickly fell in love with Pilates as a low impact work out that goes beyond basic exercises and influences daily life. After graduating from The Charlottesville Virginia School of Massage in 2005, I find I gravitate towards any modality that connects the mind and body the way Pilates does.

I started teacher training at The Fitness Studio in 2014 and begun teaching with Michelle as my mentor. I also have a background in art and dance; when preforming and instructing Pilates I use them to elicit the beauty and flow of each movement. I am currently working toward completing my Pilates Teachers Training.


Combo Equipment
Wednesday 5:30AM - 6:25AM
Reformer Progressions
Monday 5:30PM - 6:25PM
Thursday 10:15AM - 11:10AM
Restorative Reformer
Wednesday 6:30PM - 7:30PM