About Susan

Susan Lowery is an aerialist & instructor who recently moved to the area, purchasing a mountainside home in Shenandoah Farms.
Susan started her professional life in the science world. As a published biologist, she has worked for Battelle, NASA, New Mexico State University, Corning and Juniata College. In one facet or another, Susan has always been encouraged or steered to instruct adult learners.
During a sabbatical in the UK, Susan found aerial arts at Spin City, Newbury, England under the instruction of Amy Capper-Gorman, Francesca Stockwell, Lexi Gumm and “Bendy Kate” Czepulkowski, training mainly in fabric and cross training in Roman rings, flexibility, static trapeze, corde lisse and Lyra.
Susan loves to use biology and science to highlighting the physical movement with scientific and anatomical concepts. She loves instructing students who, like her, start their aerial journey with “hurdles” (lack of strength/flexibility, fear of heights, lack of confidence, overweight or simply over the age of 40) but simply posses the desire to “try”.
Susan has over 800 hours in instruction of Aerial dance/circus arts. She currently instructs at Monarca in Flight in Washington DC (aerial flexibility, silks, sling, Lyra, circus conditioning, invented apparatus, & aerial yoga), and Pilates Connection, Winchester (silks, Lyra, sling, conditioning).
Susan continues her personal, professional development training on silks, Lyra, sling, vertical wall, & corde lisse, by traveling to the UK with Yam Doyev (Gravity Circus), Gravity & Levity’s EADF 2018 (UK) as well as training with Lydia Lara (Womack & Bowman), Christine Van Loo (2015), Bobby Taylor (2017), Rain Anya (PDM 2017), Jessica Johnson (Sora, KY,) Laura Witwer (Slam NY 2016) Caitlyn Larsson (FittoFly AU 2015) Acoatzin Torres (Monarca) Gwynne Flanagan (TSNY), Jessica John and others. Susan was accepted (thru audition) into Paper Doll Militia’s Instructor training for both Aerial Silks (completed Oct 2017) and Lyra (spring 2019).


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