Rates and Memberships

Our classes are small to ensure personal attention to your fitness goals.

Pilates Connection offers a customized program which caters to all ages, body types and conditions without stress or strain.

Because the Pilates Method works on the principles of variable resistance, anyone at any fitness level will benefit. The Pilates Method of exercise is based on the work of Joseph H. Pilates, and was developed over 70 years ago. It focuses on proper alignment, breathing, joint release and a complete range of motion, which brings harmony and balance to the body. Exercises are conducted in group classes on mats and on highly specialized equipment which use springs and pulleys to provide resistance for an effective, non-impact workout. Private and semi-private classes are available.

Virtual Classes $20 

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Private Sessions

Private sessions are personalized one-on-one sessions scheduled by appointment with a certified Pilates teacher, designed to introduce the Pilates workout to a new client, or any client who feels they need special attention.

Privates are usually taught on the Pilates equipment, on a beginning level and increasing in complexity according to the client’s abilities.

*30 minute sessions also available for those who need efficient physical assessments, body work, deeper guidance on their class practice questions, etc. at half the 55 min session rate.

Semi-Private Sessions

Two or three clients who want to share a one-hour session, usually taught on the Pilates equipment, scheduled by appointment with a certified Pilates teacher.


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